The team at Toni Sims Design recently completed a [stellar] project using the Elongated Chevron design from Audrey Lane.

The team at Toni Sims Design recently completed a [stellar] project using the Elongated Chevron design from Audrey Lane.

Monterey at Golden Oaks

We were lucky enough to catch up with President of Toni Sims Design Studio (Toni Sims, ha!) about the details of the project and how she and her team used the custom design tile tool to make the most out of the Audrey Lane Collection.

Can you tell us about the projects you work on? Are they mostly residential?
Most of our projects are high end residential, and some light commercial.

What was your role in the project? Team’s role?

My role was to select all of the construction related items in the home, along with my associate designer, Kelsey.

Their (Audrey Lane) customization offerings of any shape into any size design, allows everything to come into place with an unmistakable high-end look our clients appreciate.
— Toni Sims, President (Toni Sims Design Studio)

There are so many great tiles available on the market, what made you decide to use Audrey Lane?
I have to say the shapes and textures created by Audrey Lane are so incredible! Their attention to every detail of how each piece marries into the next aligns with our passion in construction, with the aesthetic details integrating seemingly effortlessly, but knowingly thought through to the point of obsession.

What made you choose to use this shape and color blend? What was your inspiration for the shape and colors?
Toni: We loved the light-play with the different finishes (matte and polished mixed) and how that accentuated the chevron is a subtle yet dramatic way.  It highlights the shape and details in a way that just adds that ‘little extra.’

Holli really helped us with sizing options- which we wanted to get just right. Scale is always a consideration in each element in a project- so we played around with scale on the design tool til we all agreed it was just right.
— Toni Sims, President (Toni Sims Design Studio)

Audrey Adds to Disney Magic!

cadillac bathroom 2 (002).jpg
The linear pattern in the specific material we chose for the chevron creates such a cool effect, that we added it at the last minute, into the back wall of the all glass shower, which is directly in line with the make up vanity mirror-creating an illusion that the chevron is on that wall as well, but isn’t... Bonus!
— Toni Sims, President (Toni Sims Designs)

Chevrons tend to look modern, but the overall design is classic. Are you pleased with the outcome?
Love the outcome- so do the clients more importantly ! The cool thing about this bathroom project is the pattern while bold and modern, when done in the material we selected- gets a softer look and feel, creating the more classic look you see in the end result.

Lastly, what other shapes and colors would you love to use in future projects?
We did not use any other Audrey Lane on this home- looking forward to using it again on the next one though!



Elongated Chevron
Navona Veincut Matte


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