How It's Made

Just in case you’re wondering… We start with large format porcelain tiles.  Then have lots of fun playing with color and finishes.  The color pallet currently consists of 97 options including wood looks, metal, natural stone, and solid colors.  Once the desired products are selected, we then fabricate into the pattern of your choice.  For mosaic size patterns, the material is mesh-mounted and faced with clear tape.  For custom projects, we offer a made-to-fit installation, or can provide a diagram for ease of installation.

Our Story

Let’s face it, we’re a couple tile nerds. Yes, we get excited about this stuff – tiles, colors, patterns, oh my!  Our husbands are still trying to understand why we are so determined to save the world one back-splash at a time!  Our love for all things flooring started over 10 years ago when we first met in Orlando, FL.  We have enjoyed working with each other for a stone & tile distributor, where our product knowledge and expertise has allowed us to flourish.  Audrey Lane is the creative outlet we’ve always dreamed of having.  Inspired by our love for design and encouraged by our friends and family, we are able to share our passion with you.  The design options for this collection are limitless! We would be so proud to help you achieve design greatness with custom patterns tailored for your fun and exciting projects.